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Kontronik Pyro 800-48L Competition

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Part Number:0275141C
480 RPM/V 8.8 mOhm max. 25.000 RPM 500g 12S setup-Medium to hard 3D machine 750-56 motor 12S setup-Sport/medium 3D machine 750-50 motor 12S or 14S setup-3D machine 750-50 motor 14S setup-Speed machine 750-56 or 750-50 motor Pinions available 6mm ID-15T to 22T pinion 8mm ID-18T to 22T pinion Diabolo and Triabolo gear ratio Calculate as if main gear size: 196.3 15T-13.01 16T-11.27 17T-11.55 18T-10.91 19T-10.33 20T-9.82 21T-9.35 22T-8.92 Tail 57/18 x (39/24) = 5.15:1

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