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Diabolo 700UL-$1125

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Part Number:4570

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This payment of $1.00 will place your kit order on the reservation list. We will contact you 2 weeks prior to your shipment to collect full payment for the kit. 

Recommended Servos: MKS HBL599SL-Cyclic (3) and MKS HBL990-Tail (1)

Recommended Motor: Kontronik Pyro 650-83L or Pyro 650-103L (7S setup)

Diabolo 700UL (Ultra-Light) Minicopter’s lightest 700 model • Dampened head with swash plate follower arms or Dampened SRC head • Diabolo 600 mechanics • 10mm main shaft • 8mm head spindle • 6mm tail output shaft • Fixed battery tray (sliding tray optional PN:D653) • Kit includes Black, Yellow, Orange or White canopy, Classic or 3D style • Pinion of your choice 15T-24T • 30mm tail boom • 6S-12S setup • Maximum main blade length of 742mm • 3-Bladed Tri-Tail may be ordered for additional cost to kit. Part Number D350a

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