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Part No. 4600
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700 Triabolo kit is the mechanics of the Diabolo Black Edition and includes main and tail blades- includes PayPal fee for US and Canada.Kit includes choice of Yellow, Orange or White canopy.

The kit includes NHP 680mm main blades and NHP 110mm tail blades.

Additional main blade sets can be ordered using part number 1033 and tail blades use 1038

The Triabolo was engineered and tested to be flown using ONLY the NHP blades supplied with each kit along with the plastic blade spacers. The blades are a lighter style blade weighing around 160 grams and with the correct stiffness allowing the correct dampening required in the head. The NHP blades were design specifically for the Triabolo. Head speed should NEVER exceed 1800 rpm. WITH THE ADDITIONAL 3RD BLADE THE MAXIUM PITCH SHOULD BE KEEPED BELOW 10.5 DEGREEES. THIS SETTING IS COMPARABLE TO 13 DEGREES ON A 2 BLADED HEAD.
Triabolo head speed should be between 1000 and 1800 rpm and not to exceed 1850. The Pyro 800 is not necessary for this helicopter. A 750 with 400KV-450KV rating is a better match with a 12S setup. An 19T pinion with a 400 KV motor or 18T pinion with a 450KV motor is recommended. The 3 blade head needs more torque than a 2 blade head and there is more load on the gears during 3D flight so maintain these guidelines.

PartNo: 4600