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Part No. 4550
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Kit includes choice of Yellow, Orange or White canopy.
Tri-Tail may be ordered for additional cost of $75.00 to kit cost, Part Number D350a.
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The Diabolo L is specially adapted for the so-called Wild Flying in Germany Diabolo, in which it is important not to exceed a take-off weight of 5.0 kg. The normal Diabolo cannot get under this weight limit. However, the selection of the suitable components is then relatively limited. This is exactly where it should be addressed in the design or specification savings. After researching the most popular accessories in a saving of up to 200g seemed sensible to make sure below this desired limit. Recommended Equipment: Motor: X-Nova 4030-470 / 560, Pyro 700-45 / 52Controller: Kontronik Heli Jive 120 (Pro) TS-Servos: Futaba BLS451Tail servo: Futaba BLS251 / 256Receiver: for example, Futaba 6303 or Graupner GR18FBL-system: Bavarian Demon 3X, mini V-Bar, GR18, Brain, etc. Battery: 12s / 4000mAh-5000mAh.
Technical Specifications
• Standard Rotor head with diameter: 1.56m-160m (blade length: 690-710mm), Max. 742mm NHP’s are possible
• Weight without battery: from 3.3 kg
• Two-stage, quietly running helical gearbox
• smooth-running belt drive the tail rotor
• Tail Rotor Diameter: 290-300 mm
• Length with canopy: 138cm
• Length without canopy: 122cm
• Height: 39 cm
• Landing gear width 22 cm
• Battery is held in place via O-Ring style for higher CG
• Battery compartment: 68 mm high, 64 mm wide
• Right-hand rotor rotation.

PartNo: 4550